Sunday, November 20, 2005

invitation letter( invite teacher)


November7, 2005

Math Teacher
Daniel Lee
11 Shum Wan Road
Hong Kong

Dear Ms/Mr Lee,

I has been around five months that I did not see you. I miss you very much!

After graduation, I came to further my study at the computing department of the Institude of Vocational Education(IVE), Kwai Chung campus, Vocational Training Council(VTC). Though I am not a brilliant student among my classmates, I feel proud of learning in the IT field. However, if without your courteous teaching in the past secondary school years, I am afraid I would not have a chance to broaden up my knowledge.
This early December, our campus chall shall be celebrating the 30th anniversary, and I am taking charge of one of the events-"I Have a Date with EQ". During which, our class shall expose our class work in learning the "Business Software Application(BSA)" using EQ as the content but fully using my technical skills in designing "blog", "newsletter", "questionnaire","tabular forms","presentation slides"etc. Details attached at the back.
I hereby cordially invite you to come and share my fruit of learning with my classmates, teachersm and the guess speakers because you are the one who shaped me during my adolescence development.
If you are coming, please fill in the form below. You can either detach it or mail it back to my lecturer, Dr.Charles Tang( or fax it to hime without detachment. Address/fax detail as below.
Please do not hesitate to call me for details or just for chatting.
Always yours faithfully,
(So and so)
Phone: 9999-9999


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